Photo backup workflow

I admit it. I'm paranoid about data loss. I want to be sure that my photos are safe even if my house burns down. They say that the first step is admitting the problem, so how do I deal with my paranoia?

I use two online services for backup. One backs up my raw files and another backs up my JPEG files:

  • Mozy is an online backup service that I have configured to back up all of my important data, including my raw image files. I have configured it to run nightly (at 3:00 AM) and, unless I have put a very large number of files on my computer that day, all of my files are safely stored on the cloud by morning. The only problem with Mozy is that their largest plan only covers up to 125 GB of data and I am quickly exhausting that limit. You can buy more storage but it's more expensive than for their pre-packaged plans.
  • SmugMug is specifically designed for photos. I use it to back up all of my JPEG images and to publish galleries I want to be public. For example, I make a collection for each calendar year, add my favourite photos to it, and make it public. Other galleries, such as those with photos of my family and friends, are kept private and shared via URLs. Only someone with the URL can view the gallery.

With these two services in place, all of my raw and JPEG images are online and safe, even if my house burns down. What a relief! Now I can turn my paranoia towards something else...