Testimonials for Kyle's Presentations

"It was a pleasure having Mr. Kyle Blaney visit our school and make a presentation to our staff and students entitled "North American Photo Stories." His presentation was an invaluable learning experience for our students. From the very first picture, students were both engaged and enthralled by his pictures as well as his narrative descriptions and stories of his travels. Kyle prepared and presented a one hour photo story session that, to the delight and pleasure of the staff and students of the school, included pictures of wildlife from our area. Students had many, many questions they wanted to ask him as they viewed and listened about his intriguing adventures. As a result, it is anticipated that students will be more positive, productive and engaged in their work around environmental inquiry and inquiry-based learning. Although skeptical at first, I am very pleased that we accepted Kyle's invitation to come into our school and speak to the staff and the students. It was truly a unique learning experience for all."

Bill Beaucage
Johnny Therriault School
Aroland, Ontario

"I would like to add my name to the list of folks who have enjoyed one of Kyle’s presentations. He is a very articulate young man and a natural storyteller. Along with some great photographs, many of which have a story attached, makes for a pleasurable experience. His computer skills guide the flow of material in a very understandable and natural way. I have every confidence that the next presentation will somehow eclipse the last."

Len Holmes
Through the lens Camera Club
Madoc, Ontario

"Kyle's presentation was a real treat, with unreal pictures, fantastic graphics and choreography, coupled with a finely honed dialogue."

Rob Macey
Thunder Bay Field Naturalists
Thunder Bay, Ontario