Apple TV for photo slideshows

I use Apple TV for photo slide shows in my home and I love it! Photos from any modern digital SLR look great on a big screen. Here are the steps I use to create a photo slide show:

  1. Put the JPEG photos you want in the slide show in a separate folder on your computer. (I use Google Picasa's export feature for this step. When a folder contains both a raw image and a JPEG, Apple TV displays both and I don't want that because the raw images don't show up on Apple TV with my edits. I only want the JPEG photos to appear in the slide show.)
  2. Using Apple iTunes:
    1. Enable home sharing (using Advanced->Turn on home sharing).
    2. Configure the photos to share (using Advanced->Choose Photos to Share...).

That's it! Turn on your Apple TV and the display it's connected to and blow your audience away!