Presentation Topics

I love to do presentations! Mine are informative, inspiring, and sprinkled with humour. They're suitable for a wide range of audiences - nature clubs, photo clubs, schools, corporate events, and more! See below for a list of presentation topics or read testimonials from those who have attended.

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Life Lessons of a Canadian Explorer

Definitely my most popular presentation!

In this inspirational presentation, I share my favourite nature photos and the life lessons I learned pursuing their capture. One life-changing day seven years ago I watched a Kermode bear hunt for salmon and sat in stunned silence as a humpback whale repeatedly breached. I decided that day to leave my comfortable software career and explore Canada’s vast and magnificent wilderness instead. I am perpetually trying to duplicate that day but don't ever expect to succeed.

Life Lessons from the Arctic

This motivational presentation uses photographs and stories to explain what I learned during trips to the Arctic in 2017. I went on a 20,000 kilometre camping trip from Ontario to Alaska, flew to Nome on the Bering Sea, and participated in the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition to Nunavut & Greenland.

Go West (and North) Young Man!

This presentation focuses on stories and images from the 20,500 kilometre road trip I took in 2015 from Belleville, Ontario to the Northwest Territories, Vancouver, and back.

I'll talk about the dreamy experience of photographing birds at a northern Ontario sewage lagoon, getting my car deeply embedded in Saskatchewan mud, finding solitude and epic beauty on BC logging roads, and the unexpected close encounters I had with bears. In between stories, I'll share my favourite images from the trip and inspire the audience to explore Canada's vast and magnificent wilderness.

North American Photo Stories

Since 2010, I've been incredibly lucky to travel all over North America. I've been on trips from Belleville, Ontario to Yukon & Alaska, Utah & the Pacific coast, Maine, Newfoundland, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California.

In this presentation, I show my favourite photos, discuss where they were taken, and talk about the process that led to their capture. I have kayaked with grizzly bears and watched them mate. I have stood in awe as a humpback whale breached over and over again right beside my boat. I have had a flat tire on Yukon's Dempster Highway and been prepared to camp beside the road. I have watched a Kermode bear amble along a wet log right in front of me and hunt for salmon. I have photographed a bird in Prince Edward County that baffled North America's leading experts and looked eerily similar to one not seen since the 1830s. I share my photos and talk about all of these stories and more!

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom

I love Adobe Lightroom and it's an essential part of my photography workflow. In this presentation, I demonstrate my workflow and discuss how I use Lightroom to organize, edit, and share my images. Topics covered include:

  • renaming files and adding copyright information during the import process
  • using flags, keywords, and geotagging to make photo searches a breeze
  • fixing white balance and exposure issues
  • adding clarity, vibrance, and saturation
  • sharpening and noise reduction
  • red eye and spot removal
  • using a graduated filter
  • adding highlight priority
  • converting photos from RAW to JPEG
  • publishing photos to 500px, SmugMug, and Facebook
  • creating photo books and slideshows

Introduction to Photography

In this presentation, I introduce the basic concepts of photography - aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. I talk about camera settings that let you move away from automatic mode and take more control of the camera. After this presentation, you'll be closer to getting the images you've always wanted to take!

Number Theory

In this presentation, we take a fascinating tour through topics and characters from the history of number theory, from Euclid's proof of the infinitude of prime numbers to French monk Marin Mersenne's fascination with certain types of primes, to friendly numbers discovered by an unknown 16-year old French boy in the 1600s. Throughout, I encourage the audience to follow their passion and do what they love, that age is no barrier, and to always see beauty even when others don't.

Shad Enrichment Program

This is the presentation I give when I do outreach work for SHAD.

SHAD is a life-changing, intense, and unique four-week summer enrichment program that brings together academically strong and well-rounded students in grade 10, 11, and 12. Participants live in residence with 50 of their like-minded peers at one of 12 leading universities across Canada. The program focuses on science, engineering, math, and business, but there are also lots of fun and recreational activities. You leave the program with 50 great new friends, increased self-confidence, a better understanding of the options available to study at university, and a strong desire to tackle and overcome personal and social challenges. It's the pre-university experience of a lifetime but the opportunities don't end when participants leave their campus. For example, there are internships, university scholarships, university campus clubs, network opportunities, and venture capital funding that are available only to SHAD alumni.

After this presentation, you'll want every high-achieving teenager you know to apply!