Thanks for dropping by! I'm Kyle Blaney, outreach coordinator for the SHAD enrichment program and a faculty member at SHAD's University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver. I'm also a presenter, photographer, birdwatcher, and avid traveller. I grew up and live in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.


I love public speaking and I'm fortunate to have done presentations all over Canada. My presentations are informative, inspiring, sprinkled with humour, and filled with my favourite nature images. They're suitable for a wide range of audiences - nature clubs, photo clubs, schools, corporate events, and more! Read about my upcoming presentations and testimonials from those who have attended past presentations. See my presentation topics and contact me if you're interested in having me speak at your event.


Photography has been my primary hobby since 2010. My focus is wildlife (particularly birds) and scenes. This site includes my photography blog, a description of my photography workflow, a list of my published photos, photo contests I have won prizes in, and my favourite photos. You can also see the bird photos that I have contributed to Dendroica, an online aid to identifying birds in the Western Hemisphere.


Travel is a very important part of my life. Since 2013, I've gone on long camping trips each spring from my home in Belleville, Ontario to my job at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver:


During the school year, I travel Canada to promote SHAD, a unique four-week summer enrichment program for high-achieving grade 10, 11, and 12 students. Participants live in residence with 50 of their like-minded peers at one of 13 leading universities across Canada. The program focuses on science, engineering, math, entrepreneurship, and the arts, but there are also outdoor recreational activities such as camping and hiking. You leave the program with new friends from around the world, increased self-confidence, a better understanding of university options, and a strong desire to overcome personal and social challenges. It's the pre-university experience of a lifetime but the opportunities don't end when participants leave their campus. For example, there are internships, scholarships, campus clubs, network opportunities, and venture capital funding that are only available to SHAD alumni. You can learn more about the program at www.shad.ca.

I am very passionate about SHAD. I participated as a high school student at SHAD's Acadia University campus and I've been a faculty member at SHAD's University of British Columbia (UBC) campus since 2013. I've seen firsthand how much SHAD changes lives and prepares students to succeed. Watch my video testimonial on SHAD.


Prior to 2013, I worked in software development for more than 16 years. You'll still see some remnants of that prior life on this site.