May 11-13, 2012 - Algonquin - Tanamakoon & Little Island Lakes


  • Location: Algonquin Provincial Park, km 23.5 on Highway 60
  • Access Point: 8 (Cache Lake)
  • Trip Duration: Three days (two nights)
  • Trip Type: There and back
  • Route: Cache Lake, Tanamakoon Lake, Sherrif Pond, Little Island Lake
Map courtesy of  Jeff McMurtrie

Map courtesy of Jeff McMurtrie

I wanted an easy, last-minute trip to start the year off and I got it!

I used access point 8 (Cache Lake) and spent the first night on the east side of Tanamakoon Lake, on the first site after entering from Cache Lake. (The site is opposite an island named Crazy Island on Jeff McMurtrie's map).

On the second day, I had a calm paddle along Tanamakoon Lake to get to the short and easy 120 meter portage to Sherriff Pond. Then it was an even shorter paddle to get to the slightly more challenging 320 meter portage to Little Island Lake.  The site near the end of the portage was occupied as was the first site on the island, so I settled on the northwest corner of the island. I set up camp and spent the rest of the day exploring the lake and hiking the 225 meter portage to Kootchie Lake a few times.

On the third day, it was back across the two portages and then an easy paddle back to the Cache Lake parking lot.  I left my site about 6:30 AM and was at the parking lot by 9:00!  Woah, next time I'll plan for a bit more travel on the final morning.