September 16-18, 2011 - Algonquin - Sproule Lake


  • Location: Algonquin Provincial Park, main Highway 60 area
  • Access Point: A16 (Sunday Lake)
  • Trip Duration: Three days (two nights)
  • Trip Type: There and back
  • Route: Sunday Lake, Sproule Lake
Map courtesy of  Jeff McMurtrie

Map courtesy of Jeff McMurtrie

This was a great trip! I didn't see a single person for the entire weekend except when I walked the portage from Sproule Lake to Sproule Creek and could see a person on the Spruce Bog Boardwalk trail.

I walked the 3415m portage to Lake Opeongo and back but didn't see much.  However, I did encounter a bull moose while walking the 500m portage from Sproule Lake to Titmouse Lake.

I used the access point at the end of the logging road that starts west of the parking lot for the Big Pines hiking trail (on Jeff McMurtrie's map, this is access point A16). There is parking on the side of the road for a few cars, but mine was the only one there. There is a 150 meter portage to Sunday Lake, then a very easy paddle to the 480 meter portage to Sproule Lake. I stayed on the south side of Sproule lake, on the site at the tip of the point.