Example Software

I open source much of my software to GitHub.

My GitHub projects are divided into two categories - Java Swing applications and Java libraries. I hope to eventually get one or more of my libraries published to the Maven Central Repository.

  • Java Swing Applications

    • NHL Hockey Pool Draft - Allows the drafting of National Hockey League (NHL) players for a pool. My friends and I use this program twice a year, once for our regular season pool and again for our playoffs pool.
    • OHL Gamesheets Creator - Creates gamesheets for an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) game. I use this program to create the gamesheets that I print before attending a game. (Yes, I'm pretty old school... I prefer a printed page to a fancy mobile application!)
  • Java Libraries

    • kblaney-assert - Assertions that help make argument validation concise.
    • kblaney-url - Methods that get the content of a URL as a String or as a DOM Document.
    • kblaney-io - Input/Output Utilities