Scrum team member code of conduct

This post defines a code of conduct that I try to adhere to on a Scrum team.

Team participation

  • Fixing my team's broken builds is my highest priority.
  • Participating in my team's code reviews is my second highest priority.
  • Improving my team's velocity is more important than improving my individual velocity.
  • I will not be late for team meetings.
  • I will ask for help when I need it.
  • I will provide help when asked.
  • I will be honest at all times.
  • If I don't believe something is possible I will say so without hesitation.

Peer reviews

  • I will be professional and tactful when providing review comments.
  • I will be open to receiving feedback when others review my work.

Writing code

  • I will express myself through code.
  • I will add comments to code only if I have failed to express myself through code.
  • I will write code that adheres to my team's formatting and style conventions.
  • I will not submit production code without thorough in-memory unit tests.
  • I will not submit code that causes any tool to emit a warning.