SHAD UBC 2016: Game of Life

Game Rules

Cell # Live Neighbours Next Generation
alive 0 or 1 dead
2 or 3 alive
more than 3 dead
dead less than 3 dead
3 alive
more than 3 dead

Game of Life Online

Game of Life Online -


Golly is an open source, cross-platform application for exploring Conway's Game of Life.

Golly for Windows

  1. Download
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file by right-clicking on it and selecting "Extract all...". This creates a folder named golly-2.7-win.
  3. Within the golly-2.7-win folder, run the golly.exe program.

Golly for MacOS

  1. Download
  2. In the golly-2.7-mac folder of the downloaded file, run the golly program. Ensure your security settings allow programs from unknown developers to run.

The Contest


Create a seed for the Game of Life that is somehow related to SHAD UBC (your fiducial number, the word SHAD, the UBC logo, a map of BC, etc.) and leads to interesting patterns.

Preference is given to originality and smaller seeds, both in terms of the number of live cells and the square in which they fit.

NOTE: Please come up with your own seeds. If your seed is based on something you found on the internet, please be honest and let us know.


Staff will decide on the winner.


  1. Create your seed in Golly and save it as an RLE file (using File->Save Pattern... on Golly's main menu).
  2. Attach the RLE file in an email to Kyle ( with a subject of "Game of Life Contest Submission".